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To Turn Up or Not Turn up

To Turn up or Not to Turn up – that is the question??

With confirmations, communions, weddings and not to mention the summer holidays coming up it’s the perfect time of year to start getting fit and healthy.  However, most of us make up excuses and end up missing our fitness sessions but we must not ignore our own needs to become physically active.  Your body doesn’t care if it’s raining, it’s cold or if Coronation Street is on, it’s up to YOU to look after your regular fitness regime.  Miracles don’t just happen. It is important that you understand that ‘fitness’ is a way of life, the same it is having breakfast, and not just another trend.  We must remind ourselves of the benefits of regular, fun exercise including long term weight control, stamina, fitness and muscle strength, increases overall well-being, mood, self- esteem, and the ability to cope with anxiety and stress.  Also people experience huge improvements in their quality-of-life with regular exercise.




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