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Research carried out between Assorted Fitness and University College Dublin

Research carried out between Michelle Fanning of Assorted Fitness and University College Dublin


The findings acquired through semi-structured focus group interviews of ladies participating in dance aerobics classes revealed a number of reasons why ladies are motivated to attend dance aerobics classes and why others experience barriers in relation in commitment.  The main reasons the ladies are motivated to attend the aerobics classes is because they consider fitness as a social outlet, they are motivated to attend to improve their body image, to improve their physical fitness and gain health promotion benefits and finally they view aerobics as a non competitive activity.  The participants also mentioned a number of barriers associated with participation including time constraints and women’s roles, self-conscious, and internal and external factors.  This study has shown a clear picture of the attitudes to dance aerobics as experienced by the ladies in rural Ireland.  The social aspect of group fitness classes and the instructor’s interaction with the participants is extremely important to retain clients in rural areas.  Whereas previous research carried out in urban areas has not highlighted this as a major motivator.

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